ThingsLog is a company that develops hardware and software to measure the level and consumption of gas, water, electricity and other resources through innovative IoT solutions. Their technology products and services have a wide range of applications and help customers optimize their energy and water resource consumption as well as control costs. ThingsLog provides the following key solutions:

Energy management and monitoring: helps manufacturing companies, shops, hotels and offices to monitor and optimize their electricity consumption. This solution adapts quickly and easily to energy management projects.

Water Consumption Monitoring. Suitable for industrial, commercial, residential and office applications.

Monitoring for water utilities. Helps water companies manage their network and services more efficiently and reduce water waste.

Remote Gas and Heating Reporting. Suitable for utility operators, manufacturing companies, hotels and offices.

Remote monitoring of reservoirs and tanks: Allows level and volume monitoring of reservoirs, wells, dams and ponds. The technology is suitable for measuring water resources even in remote locations without power supply.

Air quality and environmental monitoring: Provides transparent, real-time air quality information that is essential for municipalities, public buildings and industries. Smart street lighting: allows optimising street lighting performance and monitoring energy consumption, while improving service to citizens and reducing fraud.

Monitoring and control of irrigation systems: Remotely monitor the environment for smart farming by providing water, pressure, temperature and humidity data in soil and foliage.

ThingsLog is distinguished by its innovative IoT-based technology and focuses on delivering the information from the monitored infrastructure and environment in a convenient and accessible way to its customers. With the successful expansion of its products and solutions to over 30+ markets worldwide, ThingsLog plays a key role in helping people, businesses and the public sector sustainably manage their resources and costs.