Innovations in Hydrogen Technology

Hydrogenera is a leading hydrogen technology company with a strong presence in the hydrogen sector since its founding in 2016. With reliable and innovative technology solutions, the company is continuously expanding its operations and influence.

Hydrogenera offers modular electrolyzers with efficiencies of over 85%, without the need for additional cooling systems. Development and production are focused on reducing operating costs, optimizing combustion processes and achieving high energy efficiency.

Applications in the Hydrogen Industry

Hydrogenera offers technical solutions for:

Renewable energy balancing: a key element in the transition to a low-carbon future by storing surplus energy in times of reduced demand. Hydrogenera’s electrolyzers are a safe and efficient solution for hydrogen production. They offer modular and flexible, limitless production with a purity of 99.999%. High electrolysis efficiency > 85%, 24/7 operation mode, no need for additional cooling systems.

Hydrogen Transport and Storage: provides modules for hydrogen production, compression and storage as well as the ability to transport in bottles or produce on site. The use of hydrogen as a fuel for internal combustion engines means zero carbon emissions for the heavy-duty and transportation industries.

Development and Recognition

In 2022, Hydrogenera raised equity financing from private investors and acquired metal hydride hydrogen storage technology. The production capacity was doubled, and in 2023 the company completed the engineering on a 1MW AEM Z-series electrolyzer and acquired international certifications.

Hydrogenera is part of leading hydrogen initiatives such as the World Energy Council’s Hydrogen Global and the European Clean Hydrogen Alliance.

With Hydrogenera, you choose to partner with an innovator in hydrogen technology and contribute to the future of sustainable energy.