New partner in the ESG Platform team: ZERO WAVE – Leading in sustainability

ESG-Platform is proud to announce a new addition to our team of consultants – the company ZERO WAVE. With its exciting portfolio of sustainability competencies, ZERO WAVE will strengthen our ability to deliver high quality and innovative solutions to manage ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) aspects.

Driven by the ambition to be leaders in the changing landscape of corporate sustainability, we at ES-Platform strive to bring together, a team of experts whose knowledge and experience complement each other in perfect harmony with our mission.

Our partner, ZeroWave, not only provides consulting services, but also features an innovative business that involves the production of crackers made from waste, saturated with high protein content.  Their vision is to promote the circular economy and sustainability as the business model of the future.

Here is the full scope of ZERO WAVE’s competencies:

ESG expertise:

Deep knowledge of various ESG reporting frameworks, standards and requirements (e.g. GRI, SASB, TCFD). Understanding of the evolving world of global ESG regulations and guidelines.

Sector specific knowledge:

Expertise in tailoring ESG strategies to specific sectors, taking into account unique challenges and opportunities.

Stakeholder Engagement:

Demonstrated ability to engage with diverse stakeholders, including investors, regulators, and communities, to improve ESG outcomes.

Materiality Assessment:

Experience conducting materiality assessments to identify and prioritize ESG issues important to a company’s business and stakeholders.

Carbon Footprint Analysis:

Expertise in conducting carbon footprint analyses and delivering carbon footprint reduction and offset strategies.

Development of sustainability strategies:

Proven ability to collaborate with organizations in formulating robust and executable sustainability strategies aligned with ESG goals.

Social Impact Assessment:

Competency in assessing and improving social impact including diversity and inclusive, human rights and community engagement.

Implementation of circular economy:

Expertise in guiding organizations towards circular economy principles to reduce waste and increase resource efficiency.

Networks and partnerships:

Create strategic partnerships and networks in the sustainability community to inform and foster collaboration.

Communication Skills:

Strong communication skills to effectively communicate complex sustainability concepts and strategies to diverse audiences.

Continuous Learning:

Demonstrated commitment to continuous learning and professional development in the dynamic field of sustainability.

In collaboration with ZERO WAVE, we at ESG P are on a mission to inspire and facilitate change towards a more sustainable business model. Combining our knowledge and experience, we are ready to help your company achieve environmental, social and governance excellence.

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