ESG & FRIENDS: A call to action in a world of crises

Тhe ESG & FRIENDS Forum is organized by, with whom we are connected not only by the common goal of sustainable development, but also by friendship.

Sofia, 28 February 2024 – The third edition of the ESG & FRIENDS Forum, held at the Hilton Sofia Hotel, brought together leading experts, business leaders and activists to discuss the most relevant topics in the field of sustainability, ethics and governance.

Professor Dr. Wayne Visser, one of the world’s most influential ESG experts, delivered a strong message of activism and change in the context of deepening global crises. “Hope is not a lottery ticket, but an axe to break the window,” he stressed.

Indira Kartalosi, recognized as one of the Top 100 CSR Leaders in the world, focused attention on the lack of financial support for the Global South in combating the climate crisis. “The Green Deal will have a particular impact on the Balkans,” she said, calling for investment in green energy, biodiversity and other key areas. Another theme touched upon was ESG deficits becoming stronger and the need for urgent action more evident. The Forum highlighted the importance of Business Transformation to better address crises.

The importance of analysis to focus on key ESG topics. Providing credible data for reporting. Increasing public awareness and engagement. Discussion of Bulgarian companies taking the path to climate neutrality. Several examples were presented during the forum, showing that Bulgaria is on the right path towards a more sustainable future.

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Interview with Prof. Dr. Wayne Visser

Interview with Indira Kartalozi

How will business tackle the challenges of ESG?

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