Green technologies. Key to reducing carbon footprint.

In the fight against climate change, green technologies are an indispensable strategy for achieving sustainability and reducing the carbon footprint. The transition to these technologies not only supports environmental sustainability, but also offers new economic and social opportunities.

Renewable energy

Solar and wind energy are successful examples of harnessing natural resources. Denmark is a world leader in the use of wind energy. Currently, more than half of electricity comes from them. Plans are to increase their share to 84% by 2035. Solar farms around the world are also increasing the share of renewable energy.

Sustainable construction

Projects such as the Vertical Forest in Milan are examples of sustainable construction where buildings are energy efficient and maintain biodiversity. These structures improve air quality and create a pleasant urban environment.

Water and waste management

Singapore is an example of investment in water management technologies. The NEWater system purifies water to suitable drinking water. In Germany, waste recycling is highly developed. The country has one of the highest recycling rates in the world.


Norway leads in the distribution of electric and hybrid vehicles with over 75% new sales in 2022. The country is investing in charging infrastructure and offering incentives for EVs.

Agricultural sustainability

Projects like “The Plant” in Chicago represent a model for urban agriculture. These systems optimize food production in urban environments and reduce waste. In today’s world, sustainable practices and technologies are key to the future. Examples from different countries highlight the opportunities for innovation and development in this sector. The involvement of all sectors of society is essential to achieve the global sustainable goals.

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