The ASSOCIATION “CHAMBER OF ENERGY AUDITORS” was established on 17.08.2005 and is committed to a number of important initiatives and activities aimed at promoting energy efficiency and energy savings. The association gathers about 50 active members, mostly legal entities, which have received certificates from the Agency for Sustainable Energy Development for various activities related to energy efficiency. It has the following objectives:

Coordination and coordination. The Chamber serves as a platform for coordination and coordination of proposals for amendments to legislation and regulations related to energy efficiency. It works in partnership with the management of the Energy Efficiency Agency as a contributor of opinions and initiatives.

Regulatory support. The Chamber initiates and stimulates public and parliamentary support for legislative and regulatory measures aimed at energy conservation and efficiency.

Support programs. The Chamber supports the Energy Efficiency Agency’s efforts to implement a variety of energy efficiency programs at various levels, from industry to municipal and regional.

Building and industrial site audits. The Association assists in the successful implementation of municipal and regional government programs related to the auditing of buildings and industrial facilities to improve their energy efficiency. Fighting unscrupulous companies. The Chamber fights against “phantom” companies offering energy efficiency services of questionable quality, limiting their access to the market and preventing their activities in this sector from being compromised before the public.

Agree a common qualification policy. Play a key role in defining criteria and systems for the evaluation and acceptance of the best energy saving solutions and materials through the organisation of exhibitions and events both nationally and internationally.

The Chamber of Energy Auditors represents an alliance of competent professionals who combine their efforts to promote and support sustainable energy development and energy efficiency in Bulgaria. The association works in accordance with the constitution, the laws of the country and international instruments to improve the quality of life and the environment by optimizing the use of energy and resources.