ASU (Association of Sustainability Professionals) was established in October 2018 by experts in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and sustainability, who have been working for years on developing and implementing CSR policies in companies in Bulgaria.

Our Mission. In 2018, we recognized the need to standardize the profession of CSR specialist in Bulgaria. To this end, we created an organization whose mission is to support this call to action and work with government institutions to bring about change.

Our Role. Business plays a proactive and creative role in identifying and solving the challenges society faces by applying new and innovative approaches.

Our Goals. We raise public awareness and knowledge about the profession and its ethical norms and standards. We create and develop an information network among professionals from both within the country and abroad, as well as collaboration with related national and international organizations. We provide opportunities for all members to develop new competencies and professional skills. We create a professional and social environment of understanding and positive attitude towards the CSR profession. We enhance the quality of education, authority, and professional and social significance of CSR teaching. We establish high professional standards in the practice of corporate sustainability and social responsibility specialists. We mediate between governmental, educational, and economic organizations for the development of the profession and the environment for its practice. Corporate social responsibility and sustainability are priorities for countless companies and organizations. This broad spectrum of sectors and professionals requires different CSR solutions and specialties.

Our Activities. We conduct specialized research and studies and develop projects in the field of Corporate Social Responsibility and sustainability. We publish and distribute newsletters, directories, and other educational and practical guides. We exchange experiences with other international and national organizations and institutions. We develop and implement projects. We organize meetings, seminars, trainings, and other public events in Bulgaria and abroad. We develop and participate in similar events organized by other organizations, as well as other promotional activities. We collaborate with government institutions, business, and non-profit entities both in the country and abroad to achieve the goals of the Association.