Yettel organizes the first business breakfast ESG Connect

Yettel hosted the first ESG Connect business breakfast. The series of events aims to foster dialogue between experts in different companies, share practices and experiences in sustainable business management and serve as a platform to start sustainable business partnerships.

The focus of the first such meeting was on the importance of innovation and strategic planning in integrating sustainable practices across companies and industries. Participants shared their experiences and practices as well as some of their plans for the next few years. As host, ESG experts at Yettel presented some of the sustainability projects already in place, as well as employee engagement in the topic and its implementation in practice.

Ivan Popov, CEO of Thingslog, presented the new ESG Platform, which organizes the entire process of preparing and collecting data and information that assists companies in the process of applying for a sustainability rating (also known as ESG rating). The Platform also connects organizations in need of ESG know-how, experienced ESG consultants developing ESG ratings, auditors, fund managers, and investors seeking sustainable growth opportunities. The meeting also featured the work of ThingsLog, a company developing a platform, sensors, and specialized devices to collect and analyze data on electricity, water, and other natural resource consumption for optimization and ESG reporting purposes. ThinsLog is Yettel’s partner in IoT solutions, such as the telecom’s Smart Monitoring service for remote monitoring of electricity, gas, water, heat and pressure consumption.

Among the participants in the business breakfast were representatives of various sectors, including UniCredit Bulbank, Coca-Cola HBC, Kamenica, Eurospeed, Sodexo, TBI bank, Kaolin, NIC Electronics, Trading 212, Garitage Park, Transpress and others.

More about ESG Platform can be found at

About the company ThingsLog –

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